Our Approach

We're committed to providing excellent service to startup and smaller campaigns of all kinds. We want to take expense out of the question, so we are offering all of our services, without charge.

Whether you're a candidate in an election or a grassroots pressure group looking to further a political interest, we're here to help you achieve your goals.

As a non-partisan organisation, we offer our services to clients of any political stance. You can rest assured that if you engage us, you'll be receiving high-quality service from our team of dedicated consultants.


Our Story

TP Consulting was founded by Matt Gillow and Henry Davies, to offer high-quality, tailored consulting services to political campaigns. Matt and Henry are both students with extensive experience of campaigning, and the world of politics. With a broad network of contacts and an impressive skill-set, Matt and Henry will help you fulfil your potential. We truly believe in the power of movements, and TP Consulting is dedicated to helping you change the world we live in.

As part of the TalkPolitics Group, we're a daughter organisation of TalkPolitics, a successful think-tank and campaign group aimed at tackling political apathy. With a combined social media following of over 30k, and policies adopted by frontbench MP's, TalkPolitics is one of the fastest growing political campaigns in the UK, and it was built from dorm rooms across the country, with no funding.


Meet the Team

With a small team, we can offer you an extremely personal, tailored service that larger organisations cannot. You can rest assured that you'll be receiving the full attention of our committed team of consultants.

Matt b-w

Matt Gillow
Founding Partner

Matt is the co-founder and former MD of our mother organisation, TalkPolitics. As the founder of a political campaign that has effectively used platforms such as Twitter, Matt is extremely talented in the effective use of Social Media. Matt also draws on his extensive experience of working in parliamentary offices, working with a leading fiscal policy think-tank, political-writing for a number of organisations, as well as his position as Media & Campaigns Director at Filibuster UK. Matt is now offering his extensive experience to our clients.

Expertise: Media Strategy, Brand Development, Policy Implementation.


Henry Davies
Founding Partner

Henry is the Managing Director and former Ops Director of our mother organisation, TalkPolitics. Henry has extensive experience of party-political campaigning including local and national elections. Previously serving as a local party official, Henry has gained valuable knowledge of party-politics. Henry was formerly the Head of Operations at Filibuster UK, a political opinion platform, before it was acquired by TalkPolitics. With considerable experience in campaign management, Henry is now dedicated to ensuring our clients' success.

Expertise: Recruitment, Campaign Management, Business Strategy.


Luke Walpole

Luke is a Staff Writer and Campaign Agent for our Mother Organisation, TalkPolitics. He has extensive experience writing for a range of platforms and for a range of clients. Having gained experience in Westminster, Sky News and at the BBC, Luke has a good appreciation of the intersection between politics and media. As well as this, he was awarded a Lady Diana Award for Fundraising due to his charity work, helping to raise over £25,000 through multiple campaigns. Luke is now keen to share this experience with our clients.

Expertise: Writing, Media Monitoring, Charitable Campaigning.

Next Steps...

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