Campaign Consulting

We're committed to helping you to build a campaign that will become successful. We can help you set and achieve your goals, with our very personal service.

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Youth Engagement

Drawing from experience with a number of youth-orientated campaigns and organisations, we can help your campaign engage with young people.

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Digital Strategy

With proved expertise, we can help to build your campaign's online and social media presence through tailored communication strategies and practices.

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Let's take money out of the equation.

TP Consulting operates on an entirely pro bono basis. We offer our services free of charge to all of our clients. We believe in the power of movements. We believe in you.

Make a difference with us

We offer pro bono political consultancy services to all varieties of political campaigns. Specialising in grassroots groups, we help our clients build a campaign that will remain on a path of momentum and maximise that force to achieve its goals.

Born from the grassroots think-tank, TalkPolitics, TP Consulting is the product of success. TalkPolitics is the independent campaign for stronger democracy, freer debate and more effective representation. TalkPolitics has used social media extremely effectively, and runs a number of campaigns against political apathy, as well as daughter sites including Filibuster UK, an online political opinion platform for young people to get themselves heard. Together, the TalkPolitics Group has a social media following of over 30 thousand.

We utilise our broad skill set, as well as our vast network of contacts to help our clients maximise their potential. With our extensive and valuable experience of grassroots campaign building and management, we are offering our services to campaigns all across the country. From local elections to national issues, we're on hand to help you achieve success.

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